Tuesday, 11 February 2014

11 February 2014

I thought it was going to be so easy coming back to our mission in Ghana.  The training in the branches is going great this has help working toward us being a Stake in November.

The hard part for me is to live some days without water and power.  We have a poly tank which helps, we just have to purify the water. I just have learned it takes more preparation time in getting your daily chores done. The everyday convinces we had at home in Utah are gone.  Sometimes, I guess at times without knowing it you take things for granted. Thirty years ago we lived in a very small town.  We lived on a piece of land about ten acres it was in Stanwood,Washington, the branch in the church was starting up.  We met in a school building.  First, we dug a well for our water source and had power brought in to our piece of property,we also had some farm animals.  I soon learned I was not going to be a good ranch hand.  Sister Burton said,"We can do hard things."  Our Faith will increase more as we strive to live the gospel principles. Their are many things that I have accomplished by willing to serve on my mission. Sister Dalton