Friday, 20 December 2013

Greenies finish their mission Boys to Men

 We were only out about 6 months when new missionaries came to the bush.  Some were very out spoken and thought they didn't need to have anyone teach them.  They seem to me to be the boys.  With lots to learn, and not just how to cook and clean an apt.  At that time a new missionary was to come to Kwabeng Elder Arthur,Elder Farnes was to be his trainer.  We used to meet at our home  for District Meetings.  Elder Arthur was always so very quite, but I knew he had a strong testimony and wanted to serve a honorable mission. He always came to meetings with a great big smile on his face and expressed true happiness.  As time went on he left the bush and went to Accra.  Kwabeng was a very new area that had been added on to the Abomosu District.  The Kwabeng branch was a very small in members.  The  meetings were centered around PMG, every week all the missionary's came with their numbers of contacts,new investigators and baptisms for the coming up week. Each week Elder Arthur was getting better at presenting who he had visited, and who was getting baptized.  He really had a love for the people he was teaching. At times at transfers we would see him always with that great big smile on his face and always a little laugh. I would say we miss you and he would reply, and "I Do To."  All the missionary's liked the banana bread I made for them.  This week was transfers and also the men were going home.  I will always remember Elder Arthur because he was always very dedicated.  When we picked him up in Asuom he was a Zone Leader.  Taking him down to Accra was great to hear the experiences he had.  A scripture,A man looketh on the outside, but the Lord looks upon the heart.  Elder Arthur had a very strong testimony, he just needed to be able express his feelings.  At the testimony meeting he talked how he felt about his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  In being able to baptize members into the Lord's church.  Teaching the gospel principles in the Lord's Way.  Leaning the lessons so investigators would gain a testimony of the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,Plan of Salvation,the gospel of Jesus Christ and his commandments,Laws and Ordinances.  He was a very good example of the attributes of Jesus Christ.  Love ya Elder & Sister Dalton

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thanksgiving and all of the trimmings.

28 Nov 2013- We went to the home of Pres. & Sis, Hill to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  Pres. Hill is the new mission president of the Accra West Mission. This mission was split from the Accra Ghana Mission.  Our New Area President Elder Curtis & Sister Curtis. Pres.Judd & Sister the mission president of the Accra Ghana Mission.  We will truly miss them. We want to welcome Elder & Sister Elmer. He is are mission doctor. We appreciate the care he and his wife have shown us.  The love they have for the health of our missionary's. Words can not express the time they put into serving all of the missionaries.

We were able to have an opportunity to see old friends and meet the new senior couples "Serving in the Lord's Vineyard"  We are grateful to are new senior couples for their dedication to come to Ghana.

Elder & Sister Dalton are truly grateful to Our Heavenly Father for answering our prayers to be able to come back to Accra West Mission.  We have a great love for the people in Abomosu  District in Ghana  to become a Stake.  So they can receive the blessings of the new Abomosu Stake.   Elder & SisterDalton

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Life in Ghana

Life in Ghana is good.  My husband and I are serving a mission in Accra West Ghana as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We first came in June of 2011 and went home for a very short time in May of this year.  In July, we came back to serve another 18 months.  We love the people and want the very best for them.  They are hard working people in Ghana.  They love their children and want the very best for them in life.  5 Dec 2013