Monday, 22 September 2014

22 June 2014-This starts the week of the where each branch did a Cultral Night.  They  very good, every one had their own talents.

26 June 2014-Elder & Sister Call came to visit us,they are the area couple who are over  the young single adults for the Africa West Area.  They do 11 countries, we are so blessed to have them.  Their testimonies of the"Come Follow Me" program is very enthusastic. We went to the Asunafo's Cultural Night.  A group of people played on these bamboo tubes.  It was the highlight of the evening.

30 June 2014- We left to go to Accra to do a transfer of 2 Elders.

4 July 2014-Jean Dixson and her husband came from Utah to help assist us with our Engage Now Africa Literacy program.

24 July 2014-Was to be our first Pioneer Day for the District.  We had to cancell,because of some of the towns were flooded.  We reschuled it for some time in August.

31 July 2014- Was a Yong Single Adult Summit. Elder & Sister Call assissted in the program.

 8 August- Was are 2nd "Youth Conference"-  Pres. & Sister Hill came to Abomosu
 to greet the youth from the Abomosu District.  Each branch took part in the planning of Youth Conference. They had a dance that night ending with a devotional.

9 August-We had a sunrise devotional.  Eternal Marriage is so important for the youth to know how important it is to go to the temple.  Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith said "I plead with you,the youth of Zion everywhere,to keep yourselves clean and pure so that you will be entitled to go to the house of the Lord,and together with the companions of your choice,enjoy all these great blessings the Lord offers you."

Saturday, 3 May 2014

1May --The Abomosu District Sisters went done to the Incellary and they spent the night down in Accra. That night Sister Hill had a very nice program for them.  2 May --We were able to take 77 sisters to the Accra Temple, 20 sisters were able to do baptisms for the dead.  The rest of the sisters did endowments for other peoples ancestors.  Four sisters were able to take their own endowments out for the first time.  It was a day spiritual feast.  Elder & Sister Dalton

Monday, 7 April 2014

Abomosu Library Dedication

1 April 2014

World Joy had a library built to donate to the small town of Abomosu.  This library is for the community's use.  Hopefully, we will be able to fill it with children to have story time and books for them to read.  The literacy class meets in it now. This is great progress moving forward.  In, Asunafo, was a libray built but no one knew how to use it. The literacy program in the communties are all open to all who want to learn English. Sister & Elder Dalton see this as process in action.    

Sister and Elder Dalton's Accra West Ghana Mission 2013-2015: New baby girl

Sister and Elder Dalton's Accra West Ghana Mission 2013-2015: New baby girl: Last, Wednesday we were on the baby duty shift.  Of coarse babies come in their own due time.  Elder Dalton- heard the phone ring.  He said,...